Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Red Hat Team to Perform Security Audit, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on Your Web Application, Database, Mobile Application, Server, Cloud Infrustructure and Network.

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We Audit Everything

Web Application

We perform complete OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities assessment which includes SQLI, XSS, CSRF, Authentication etc. Wheather you have a CMS or custome built application, we will find all loopholes.

Server and Network

Keeping your server up to date and applying security patch is important but that is half of the job. It is also crucial to assess the server configuration, third party libraries and network settings.

Cloud Infrustructure

All public cloud service providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure has great security features but you will have to set your own rules. Have an expert check your infrastructure today.

API Assessment

We do manual API vulnerability assessment for wide range of APIs including but not limited to Web Service APIs (SOAP, REST, JSON), Web Socket APIs, Class Based APIs etc.

Mobile Application

Either you have an android or iOS application, we do source code auditing for both. We do not only find potential vulnerabilities, we also consult our clients about best security practices.

We Perform Penetration Testing Better Than a Real Hacker

Sites Protected

Vulnerabilities Found

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Why Choose TechForing?

01 Experienced Security Specialists
Our Security Specialists are C|EH, CISA, CISSP, Security+ certified. They have more than 15 years hands on experience on performing industry standard external penetration testing.
02 Manual Auditing
We don’t only rely on tools and automation but also perform serious manual auditing through reviewing the source code, configuration and architecture set-up.
03 Machine Learning and AI
Our custom developed next generation algorithm uses Machine Learning an Artificial Intelligence to find existing loopholes and predict any future risks.
04 Premium Tools
We don’t take risk in missing out any vulnerabilities. Therefore, we use dozens of proven premium tools like Nessus, Burp Suite, Netsparker, Acunetix etc.
05 Extensive Report
We provide a comprehensive report including all findings with technical details, impact of the findings and recommendations on how to fix them.
06 Post Consultation
At the end of the report submission, we schedule an online meeting with our client and developers to consult on how to fix found loopholes and maintain the security. We also do the fixing and secure the component if client demands.

We don't only find vulnerabilities,
we also fix the loopholes.

We don't only find vulnerabilities, we also fix the loopholes

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